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Our programs are designed for all levels. Whether you're a beginner or in great shape, Cardio Blast will challenge you.

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  • Educational videos to answer all of your fitness questions.
  • Customized personal training programs based on your own needs.

Alex K has helped tens of thousand of people over his career and he is ready to help you too!

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“I have struggled with weight and self-confidence my whole life. I tried many "fad" diets and joining a gym but getting there didn't happen with our busy schedule.

I am a mother of 4 active children, a business owner and my husband is a long haul truck driver. I wanted to start making time for myself and take care of "me". I needed to find something in my home so I didn't have to worry about child care.

One Saturday morning I was reading the local paper and there was an article about Cardio Blast. I nervously signed up and it has been life changing. Cardio Blast taught me about nutrition and how to kick start my weight loss journey. There is step by step info that has lead me to success. The workout videos challenge me and in 45 minutes I can complete a workout in the comfort of my home. I have successfully lost 65 pounds and 4 dress sizes so far.

Having the Cardio Blast Program has changed my life. It's incredibly affordable and has all the perks of having a personal trainer right in the comfort of your own home!”


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"Training with Cardio Blast compares to no other. Since I started training with this program I have seen great results in my fitness level as well as inches on my body. This has definitely got me in shape for soccer as well as my wedding."


"Cardio Blast provided unparalleled training when I played national level junior tennis. Since that point I have trained with it and am continually impressed with it's thoughtful approach to training. Cardio Blast inspires students through contagious enthusiasm and incredible personal fitness."


"For years I struggled with my weight and if I ever did manage to take some off I struggled to keep it off. Once I hit my heaviest at 240lbs I knew I had to finally take control of myself. Cardio Blast has forever changed my life. If you are looking to lose a few pounds, Cardio Blast will get you to your goal."
"I am in the best shape of my life. Alex's programs force me to do every single last rep of every single last rep of every single exercise and have taken me to where I am today!"


CARDIO BLAST delivers this amazing package right to your home...

Only $19.99/month. Cancel at any time with no cancellation fees.

OUR EXCLUSIVE CARDIO BLAST MEAL PLAN gives you the nutritional foundation for improved energy levels, better digestion and clearer, sharper thinking for a better you.

CARDIO BLAST TRAINING burns the most calories in the shortest amount of time per 45 minute workout.

Getting ready for your wedding or upcoming vacation? delivers amazing results in less time. Use it for however long you want to achieve your goals and cancel at any time with no fees.

OUR INDUSTRY LEADING CARDIO BLAST FITNESS TRACKER helps you take complete control of your life, improve your mood and reduce your risk of disease.

Tired of being sick and exhausted? will help you BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM and makes you look years younger.

Enjoy the AMAZING HEALTH BENEFITS of exercise including sound, solid sleep to keep you well rested, improved appearance for your skin and hair PLUS increased libido.

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No matter where you are you can get access to your Cardio Blast workouts, all you need is internet access.

You can watch your workouts on your computer, laptop, TV and more. It's easy to get access at your home, at the gym, or on the road.

You are never without your Cardio Blast workouts.

Only $19.99/month. Cancel at any time with no cancellation fees.

Workouts for all levels!

No matter what type of workouts you need or want, Cardio Blast has you covered. Our programs include:

Cardio Sports Drills Agility Drills Core Training Interval Training Strength Training Flexibility Training And Much More

Our workouts are for all levels of participants from beginners to advanced.

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Trainer Cost

Trainer Availability

Workout Accessibility

Workout Variety

Workout Methodology


24/7 Daily Access

Anywhere there is internet
You take the trainer with you

Large variety of exercies and drills to improve your fitness level

Our drills are sports based giving you the look and feel of a top athlete

Typical Personal Trainer at the Gym

at $50/hour, twice a week

You work around your trainer's schedule

You have to travel to the gym

Limited to the knowledge and training style of your trainer

Most trainers will put you on strength and cardio machines for the same old results


Only $19.99/month.
Cancel at any time with no cancellation fees.